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Conference Calls

16/02/2017281 Filatex India Limited Q3 FY17 Earnings Call on 16-Feb-17 at 15:00 hrs Filatek-16022017.wav
10/02/2017280Vascon Earnings Call Vascon-10022017.wav
13/02/2017279RK Forgings Earnings Call RK Forgings-13022017.wav
08/02/2017278NTPC LTD Earnings Call NTPC-08022017.wav
31/01/2017277Thyrocare Technologies Limited Post Results Conference Call Thyrocare-31012017.wav
15/12/2016276Vascon Engineers Q2 FY17 Earnings Call Vascon Eng-15122016.wav
01/12/2016275Call with Canara Bank (CBK IN) - Mr. N. Selvarajan - CFO to discuss the Impact of Recent CRR hike Canara Bank-01122016.wav
23/11/2016272Allcargo Post Results Conference Call All Cargo-23112016.wav
12/11/2016268Ramkrishna Forgings Ltd Conference Call Ramkrishna Forgings Ltd-12112016.mp3
15/11/2016265Good Luck India Limited Q2FY17 Earnings Conference Call GoodLuck India Ltd-15112016.wav
15/11/2016264Atul Auto Post Result Conference Call Atul Auto-15112016.wav
11/11/2016263Navneet Education Q2FY17 Conference Call Navneet Education-11112016.wav
10/11/2016262PRABHUDAS LILADHAR PVT.LTD-PFC Post Result Conference Call PFC-10112016#1.wav
04/11/2016261Jindal Saw Limited Post Results Conference Call Jindal Saw-04112016.wav
27/10/2016260JSW Steel Earnings Conference Call JSW Steel-27102016.wav
27/10/2016259-Filatex India Limited Earnings Conference Call Filatex India-27102016.wav
25/10/2016258Thyrocare Technologies Limited Post Results Conference Call Thyrocare-25102016.wav
13/10/2016257J&K Concal for Investor with the new CMD J&K Bank-13102016.wav
12/09/2016256Vascon Engineers Q1FY17 Earnings Conference Call on 12-Sep-16 Vascon-Engg-12092016.wav
09/09/2016255JSPL 1QFY17 Financial Results Conference Call on 09-Sep-16 Jindal Steel & Power-09092016.wav
06/09/2016253Con Call with HCC to discuss "Recent development regarding new CCEA gruidlines on claim settlement" HCC-06092016.wav
06/09/2016252MEP Infra Q1FY17 Earnings Call Ashok-G-Rajani-09062016.wav
02/09/2016250Navkar Post Quarterly Conference Call on 02-Sep-16 at 11:00 hrs NavkarCorporation-02092016.wav
17/08/2016249Ramakrishna Forgings Earnings Conference Call Ramakrishna Forging-17082016.wav
04/08/2016248Shemaroo Entertainment : Investor Call - Q1FY17 Shemaroo Entertainment-04082016.wav
29/07/2016247Deep Industries Investor Conference Call - 1QFY17 Deep Industries-29072016.wav
14/06/2016244Call with Bhusan Steel Bhusan Steel-14062016.wav
06/05/2016241Rain Industries Limited - Q1 CY16 Post Result Conference Call Rain Industries-06052016.wav
29/04/2016240Steel Strips Wheels Earnings Call on 29-Apr-16 at 16:00 hrs Steel Strips-29042016.wav
11/02/2016239Engineers India - Q3FY16 Post Result Conference Call ENgineers Inida-11022016.wav
02/02/2016238Ujaas Energy Ltd. Q3FY16 Earnings Conference Call on 02-Feb-16 at 11:30 hrs Ujaas Energy-02022016.wav
01/02/2016237Jindal Saw Investor Call 1st Feb 2016 Jindal Saw-01022016.wav
22/01/2016236South Indian Bank Investor Call 22nd Jan 2016 South Indian Bank-22012016.wav
10/11/2015235Conference Call with Rain Industries Ltd Rain Industries Ltd-10112015.wav
14/08/2015230Rain Industries Limited - Q2 CY15 Post Result Conference Call Rain Industries-14082015.wav
17/08/2015229 Infinite Computer Solutions (India) Ltd. - Q1 FY16 Post Result Conference Call Infinite Computers-17082015.wav
03/08/2015225Steel Strips Investor Call steel strip mp3PRA03201508033783.mp3
31/07/2015224Post Result Concal with Shemaroo Entertainment Shemaroo Entertainment-31072015.wav
25/05/2015223BS Transcom BS-Concall-25052015.wav
21/05/2015222Ujjas Energy Ujaas Energy-21052015.wav
15/05/2015221NCC Post Result Concal NCC-15052015.wav
05/05/2015220Rain Industries Post result concal Rain Industries Ltd-05052015.wav
08/01/2015219Conference Call with NHAI Mr. Ganesh CGM Finance NHAI-08012015.wav
18/08/2014216Call with LGB Mr. Rengaraj CFO for institutional clients - hosted on Monday Aug 18 at 9.15AM LGB-18082014.wav
14/11/2014215Infinite Computer Solutions Ltd Infinite Computer Solutions-14112014.wav
22/05/201454Q4 FY 14 - Motherson SUmi Motherson-Sumi-22052014.wav
20/05/201453Q4-FY 14, Bajaj Auto Bajaj Auto-20052014.wav
19/05/201452Q4-FY14 - Infinite Computer Solutions Infinite Computer Solutions-19052014.wav
15/05/201451Q4- Deepak Fertiliser Dipak Fertiziler-15042014.wav
14/05/201449GSFC 14 May 2014 GSFC-145052014.wav
02/12/201439NCC 3QFY14 NCC-12022014.wav
02/11/201438Infinite Computer Solution Infinite Computers System-11022014.wav
02/07/201437Q3FY14 SJVN SJVN-07022014.wav
04/02/2014353Q FY14 - NHPC NHPC-04022014.wav
04/02/201434Jyoti Structures 3QFY14 Jyoti Structure-03022014.wav
12/11/201332Q2 FY14 - NHPC NHPC-13112012.wav
12/11/201331Q4-FY14 NCC NCC-12112013.wav
12/11/201330Lanco Q2 FY14 Lanco-12112013.wav
08/11/201329Q2 FY14 - Jyoti Structures Jyoti Structure-08112013.wav
06/11/201328Q2 FY14 SJVN SJVN-06112013.wav
28/10/201327Q2 FY14 Maruti Maruti-28102013.wav
25/10/201326Q2FY14 - GSFC GSFC-25102013.wav
17/10/201324Bajaj Auto Ltd Bajaj-Auto-17102013.wav
12/08/201323Q1 FY14 - Deepak Fertilisers Deepak Fertilizer-12082013.wav
08/08/201322Lanco - Q1FY14 Lanco-08082013.wav
07/08/201321NCC - Q1FY14 NCC-07082013.wav
05/08/201320Q1 - GSFC GSFC-05082013#2.wav
05/08/201319Q1 - J&K bank J& K Bank-05082013.wav
03/08/201318BHEL - Q1FY14 BHEL-03082013.wav
19/07/201317UCO Bank QIFY14 - Post result Concal UCO-Bank-19072013.wav
31/05/201315Q4 Jyoti Structures Jyoti Structures-31052013.wav
31/05/201314Q4 Jyoti Structures Jyoti Structures-31052013.wav
30/05/201313Lanco Post Result COncal - Q4FY13 Lanco-30052013.wav
15/05/201312Post REsult Conference Call - RInfra Rinfra-15052013.wav
25/04/201310Concall with Mr. Anosh Kelawala (Director-Structured Finance, CRISIL) - The Current CV cycle Crisil-25042013.wav
15/02/20138Q3FY13-IVRCL IVRCL-15022013.wav
01/02/20137Q3FY13 - Jyoti Structures Ltd Jyoti Structure-01022013.wav
28/01/201363QFY 13 - LMW Ltd LMW-28012013.wav
12/11/20124Q1FY13 - IVRCL IVRCL-12112012.wav
07/11/20123Q2FY13 - RInfra RInfra-07112012.wav
01/11/20122Q2FY13 - Jyoti Structures Ltd Jyoti Structure-01112012.wav
30/10/20121Q2 FY13 - SJVN SJVN.wav